Holy Week in Jerusalem


Our original plan for this pilgrimage was to go during Holy Week.  I could not imagine a more special time to be in the very spot that Jesus walked.

A few obstacles arose:

There were no rooms available anywhere (again, showing how naive I am about planning a pilgrimage)

Our oldest balked at missing school (I really don’t blame him)

Friends (and our priest) warned of the crowds, it would be just too much for the kids

And so, we changed our plans.  But, this is something I still want to do.  Someday…

For this year, though, Holy Week will be spent at our own parish.  It has become my favorite time of the year.  I love the Holy Thursday and Good Friday masses: the incense! the cross!.  Last year was the first year we had gone to the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening: the candlelight! the baptisms! .  It was absolutely beautiful!  And of course Easter Sunday: the flowers! The music!

We are going to do two very special, new things this year.  On Holy Thursday, the children at the elementary school will be doing the Living Stations of the Cross.  I have two girls there.  Right after that, we will head over to the middle school because parents of 8th graders are invited to celebrate their annual Passover Meal with them.  Our 8th grader has promised there will be cake! (Along with the unleavened bread and grape juice, of course)

Do you have anything special planned for Holy Week this year?  I am wishing you a very Blessed and Holy Week!


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