Why Now?


I have read that you do not choose Pilgrimage, but you are rather called to Pilgrimage.  The timing is always God’s and it is always right.


When I felt the call, I immediately wondered: why now?


The answer quickly became obvious.


Our 17 year old son was confirmed in the Catholic Church yesterday.  He only has one more year of high school left and then he will leave our family to start his life on his own.  This is a time of  incredible discernment for this this child.


The fact of the matter is that each and every one of us in our family will be affected differently by this pilgrimage.  All seven of us.  But, only one of us is in the throes of such major life changes.  God is calling all of us, but God is especially calling him.


I cried during the mass yesterday.  I looked over and saw a tear in my husband’s eye as well.  Our children are growing up.  I am so proud of them.  I am excited to see the people they will become.


Now is the time.  We have been called.




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