Are They Going To Heaven?


I am blessed to have a brother who is a world traveler.  There are few places on this planet he hasn’t been and as a result, has also been to most of the airports as well.


As I studied our flight schedule, I realized that we were going to have an overnight layover in one airport.  I checked their website and discovered that they had rooms to use to sleep in right there in the airport.  But, I wanted my brother’s advice.


During our conversation, I could hear a little voice in the background.  I figured it was his son, my 4 year old nephew.  Sure enough, this little guy was listening in to what his Dad was saying.  Every once in a while, my brother would stop talking to me to answer a question of his.  “They are going on a trip.  They are going where Jesus lived.” I head him explain.


After this particular exchange, my brother came back on the phone laughing.  “He just asked me: Are they going to Heaven?”


How sweet is that?


God Bless!




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