Putting Israel On The Map


Like you, I have spent many hours inside of my Bible.  Also, like you, I know the names of the places:  Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem, The Sea Of Galilee, Capernum, The Jordan River, etc.  These are the places where IT all happened.  You know, the big IT.  Of course, I am talking about Jesus’ life and His work.


The knowledge I was lacking, however, was the geography.  I had no idea where Bethlehem was in relation to Nazareth, for example.  Or the Sea Of Galilee in relation to Jerusalem.


One of the first things I did in planning this pilgrimage was make a list of the places I wanted to make sure we got to.  Then I spent time studying the map to make sure getting to these places was feasible.  It was a challenge!


And so, my list of important places:

1.  Bethelhem

2.  Jerusalem

3.  Sea of Galilee

4.  Nazareth

5.  Cana

6.  Jordan River

7.  Dea Sea


I was able to put all of these places on the map and come up with a plan.  As you will see in future posts, this is a pilgrimage and not a vacation.  My plan has had hiccups and changes.  I have decided to put all of the planning into the hands of God.  My part involves much time on my hands and knees in prayer.


The adventure continues, stay tuned!


God Bless!


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