Open Yourself and Become A Pilgrim


“Open yourself and become a pilgrim.  Take your fears and your hopes and your prayers and expect blessed graces to happen.  Through the centuries and across cultures, these holy sites and shrines have persistently asked pilgrims to open their spirits and their hearts to what God can do in their lives.  Go ahead.  Make the journey.  Come and see-and expect to be spiritually transformed.” ~Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda, “The Journey: A Guide For The Modern Pilgrim”


Last Fall (2011), I said to my husband, Ron, out of the blue “We need to go to Rome.”  I’m not sure where it came from, but it was deep and necessary.  He didn’t disagree.  And then we both promptly forgot about it.


January 8, 2012, the Celebration of the Epiphany of the Lord.  At Mass, I remembered.  Rome.  We had to go.  Walking out, my friend Judith came up to me and said, “We went to Europe 2 years ago with our kids.  We stayed in convents the whole time.  I have a book about that.”  She didn’t know what was stirring in my heart.


That afternoon we started planning our pilgrimage to Rome.


Two weeks later we stopped planning our pilgrimage to Rome.  “Mom, when are we going to the Holy Land?”  Ainsley had posed this question to me driving home from the grocery store.  I had a gut feeling that Rome was not where we were being called.


That afternoon we started planning our pilgrimage to the Holy Land.


And that, my friends, is what this blog will be about.  My prayer is that you will join us, virtually, on our journey.  And, that you will possibly start planning a pilgrimage of your own.


God Bless!





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